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Member benefits

We're here to help with all aspects of your EV repair business, from getting them in the door to getting them back out the door.

In 2021, our EV garage map was searched 30,000 times, thanks to the promotional work we do at shows, online and in conjunction with owners groups and clubs. The excellent service provided by our members adds to the reputation of the whole network, and this leads to more recommendations.

To keep you at the top of your game, our regular newsletters will help you learn from unusual faults found by others, and if you need some help or a second opinion you can contact our support service by email, telephone or Whatsapp.

You'll also have access to a wealth of vehicle-specific information via the HEVRA Members Online Portal.

If you're outside the UK, please visit our international website to sign up-

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* Proof of skills required for website listing

**Tool hire may be subject to postage charges and security deposit.

Click here to view the HEVRA Terms and Conditions for the tool hire.

Signing up

There are three steps to signing up:

  1. Fill in your details on the form below and click 'Submit'.
  2. Complete Direct Debit Mandate, or contact us to pay by annual invoice instead.
  3. Email us proof of skills to complete your account setup (this is usually a photo or scan of your training certificate showing IMI or City & Guilds Level 3 or Level 4 Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Repair). We may accept some other proof of skills, please get in touch.

Your payments are covered by the Direct Debit guarantee and there's no ongoing contract with us- if you decide it's not for you simply let us know and we'll cancel your membership with nothing more to pay.

Need help, have questions or are unsure? Contact or call 01242 350 554

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Sign up by following the three steps below.


Step 1: Garage details

Step 2: Payment details

Click here to set up your Direct Debit. If you prefer to pay by annual invoice, please contact us.

Step 3: Proof of training

Once you have completed the form, complete your account setup by sending a photo or scan of your Level 3 or Level 4 EV Training Certificate to

Members from outside the UK

We now welcome members from outside the UK. International membership includes the following benefits:

Unlimited technical support

Quarterly newsletter

Access to our own vehicle-specific technical information via the HEVRA Portal

Listing on our Worldwide map

Please note all technical information and support is in the English language only, and at the moment we only support vehicles that are sold in the UK (for example we do not support the Opel Ampera-E or Toyota Prius-C).

You can sign up on our European website-

Supported models

You can view our list of currently supported models using this link: Supported models

As a general rule, on hybrid vehicles we aim to cover all hybrid-specific systems (e.g. high voltage system, drivetrain, brakes, thermal management). On electric vehicles, we aim to cover the entire vehicle (with the exception of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems).