Membership for other organisations

Benefit from our technical expertise and experience

Corporate Membership

We now offer corporate membership for organisations other than mechanical repair workshops.

We help garages all over the UK, and via our Tallinn office, across Europe.  From the R&D that makes the repairs possible, to the resulting information of common faults, gaps in the market and business opportunities, our expertise may be able to help your business.

Membership costs and benefits

Most of our existing corporate members are in the remanufacturing, component repair and manufacturing sectors. However, we also welcome membership from manufacturers of tools, charging equipment, training providers and any other business or organisation that would benefit from our expertise.

We can also provide services to vehicle manufacturers or importers to improve reliability or reduce your warranty costs and downtime for your customers.

We do not have a fixed price for corporate membership as the service we provide to each of our corporate members is different.

If you think your business would benefit from working with us, please contact

Please note that becoming a corporate member does not automatically make your product or service recommended to our members.