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HEVRA Training

"Format was really good with good diagrams to explain"- HEVRA training attendee

What do you need to know to be able to service, diagnose and repair hybrid and electric vehicles? This is the question that we consider when we put together our training courses. A training course has little point if it teaches you irrelevant history and theory but doesn't equip you for real world repair jobs. At present we offer just one course- our 'conversion' course below, intended for technicians who already work on combustion engined vehicles. We're working on a 'ground-up' course to train people from scratch and we'll update this page when dates are available.

HEVRA EV Training

"Improved knowledge massively"- HEVRA training attendee who has previously done a hybrid training course

Our training is intended to give you the skills and confidence to walk out of our course into the workshop and get to work. HEVRA training benefits:

  • Stay up to date- as we update our training to include new technology and new testing methods, we'll send you updates.
  • Online certificates- prove your qualification even if you lose the paper version.
  • Discussion about how to approach different problems you may come across.
  • After your training, help and support is only an email away.

EV and Hybrid familiarisation

This course is designed for people familiar with diagnosing faults on vehicle electrical systems or engine management systems and want to move into working on EV and hybrid vehicles. Starting with a quick history and summary of models available, we then go in depth into batteries, battery charging, battery heating and cooling, braking systems, heating and air conditioning, and go through scenarios of faults or parts replacement. Although it's not EV-specific, we'll also have a little reminder of some CAN-Bus testing and general component testing.

All of our courses are written by our founder Peter Melville, former garage owner and Top Technician finalist who now works as a technical trainer and editor of Auto Diagnostic Tips and The Hydragas Register. Courses in the South of England are normally presented by Peter.

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HEVRA Packages

Need tools as well as training? Find out more about HEVRA Packages.

Current dates available

7th July 2018 - Tonbridge - EV and Hybrid familiarisation. Questions to training@hevra.org.uk or call Peter Melville on 07521 692907

On site training

If you prefer, we can come to you to carry out training. Please contact training@hevra.org.uk or call Peter Melville on 07521 692907

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